Dungeon Master Slack

Challenge 30

Multi-attack. Slack makes two Witty Quip attacks and uses Flip the Table.

Witty Quip. Target must make a DC 42 Charisma saving throw or suffer from much shame and regret.

Flip the Table. Slack reserves the right to press the reset button on all of the players' good ideas.

"To die will be an awfully big adventure...

                                                             ...and we're going to go ahead and get started now."

Purpose (Golem Fighter)

Traits: alien; loyal; quickly evolving.

Desires: to learn magic like Master; to tell a funny joke; to be worthy in his Master’s eyes of more than just one purpose.


“Hope. Hope. I like the sound of it.”

Dreknish Bagabagah (Goblin Sorcerer)

Occupation: thief; psychic medium.

Dump Stats: Wisdom and Intelligence.

Special Skills: is adorable; has great puns.

Favorite Spell: Ray of Frost... ‘cause it’s cool.     


“Life can be hard for a lil’ goblin on the mean streets without much food to gobble-gobble. But I made it! Here I am, Dreknish Bagabagah … a small Medium.”


Remanthiel Crux (Half-Elf Bard)

Hometown: the bowels of Waterdeep.

Affiliation: his father’s Thieves’ Guild.

Treasured Item: his mother’s heirloom lute, “Swoon”.


“I remember seeing sorrow in his eyes for the first time, there. In the dark. The last thing my Father told me was, ‘Tell no one your surname.’”

Wallo Wickwhisper (Human Ranger)

Position: attaché to the world famous adventurer and scholar, Master Orphideus.

Qualifications: reads and speaks five languages; runs very quickly from monsters; is a surprising crack shot with a crossbow.


“As my master has surrendered his claim to quill and clothing, for the simple pleasures of jungle fruit and brachiation, I must humbly steward his duties … until he regains himself.”

Magnus Linkaxle (Human Artificer)

Career: “Artificer”.

Loves: Dismantling things to see their inner workings (chemically... explosively... carelessly…).

Hates: Dull fools who can’t see the allure of the unknown.

Hated by: His ex-Maesters from Lantan, for being ‘far, far, FAR too reckless.’


“Of course I knew it was a trap! I just wanted to see what it did.”


Find out more about Magnus by reading his Journal or see what’s cooking in his Laboratory.