Mark Slack (Dungeon Master) is a lifelong gamer and father of two. After a decade as a local stage actor and musician, he spent the next ten years creating, developing, buying, selling, and playing as many games as possible. Mark is the VP of Moosetache Games, a small family card game publisher, and runs a home business selling vintage gaming products. He is a wicked tambourine player, and he is angry you don’t think that’s cool. He encourages you to envision the tambourine as a melee weapon made of little jingly razor blades.

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Donathin Frye (Producer/Purpose) is a lifelong roleplayer, Dungeon Master, and storyteller who loves collaboration. After many years of working as a stage actor all over America, Don is now pursuing other fun ways to tell stories. Recent works include creating the sci-fi/horror game (Atonement RPI), writing the dark fantasy comic (I, Necromancer), designing the D&D adventure book (The Blood Plague), and playing the hunchback Otto Keller in the horror RPG podcast Tomes & Tentacles. He swears that his greatest accomplishment is convincing his super talented and punny fiancée, Edelyn Parker, to play D&D.

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Edelyn Parker (Dreknish Bagabagah) joined the cast of Dice Tribe at the behest of her fiancé, Donathin Frye, after he grew tired of her backseat driving his D&D games from adjoining rooms of their apartment (she presumes). In all seriousness, Edelyn is a former stage actress of too many years who recently decided to take a sabbatical and enter the corporate marketing world. Edelyn is excited to be a part of this rag tag cast, playing her first ever D&D character.

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Billy DePetro (Remanthiel Crux) has worked as an entertainer for resident theater company, Shadowbox Live, for the past decade. It’s there that he met the rest of the Dice Tribe, and reignited his love for D&D. He’s had the opportunity to play some great characters on stage, including Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show, Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors, and Jesus Christ in Reefer Madness. He also lifts weights, practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and screams hard rock songs into a microphone on the weekends. He never did find a use for his degree in Biology… sorry, Mom.


Doug Davis (Wallo Wickwhisper) is a fan of the theatre, occasional stage manager, nursing student, and somebody who takes the lives of fictional people like, really, really seriously. Like, who spends several hours filling out the bio section of his Baldur’s Gate character? Nobody’s reading that; nobody can read that, dude! Voted “Most Likely to Obsess Over Throw-Away-NPCs.”

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Gabe Hilts (Magnus Linkaxle) is a novice craftsman and an avid gamer despite his notoriously poor luck with dice. He began playing D&D in high school and has never stopped looking for new and interesting games to play. Gabe is a bit of a tinkerer (though not as volatile as Magnus) and enjoys building wacky machines with his sons. He is honored to be a part of Dice Tribe and looks forward to the challenges that Mark Slack will throw his way.

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